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Monday, September 3, 2012

Making the Same Mistakes Over and Over

Put in about 15 hours over the past week.

I basically got robbed of about $250 bucks with my cover artist and that is the hold up on the book. Luckily, I found someone new: Renu Sharma. She's a genius, and also not going to fuck me over. I'll write up the problem with my other cover artist as soon as I get everything squared away with PayPal.

I've decided to go ahead with this next book. I've got a title, End Times. I'm really not sure if it's got any mass appeal, but if I can get it right--it certainly will entertain me.

When I wrote Dead Religion, I was maybe 10-15k words in when I deleted everything and started over. 

I saw today that the same thing is happening tomorrow on this one. Only, this time, I'm just 3,500 words in. Three thousand of them have to go. It sucks, will put me back some time, but I'm telling it all wrong, and this seems to be a recurring theme with my novels.

It takes some time to figure out the story in your ahead, and given my aversion to plotting, I guess this is normal. I titled this Making the Same Mistakes. They're necessary though. 

Allowing yourself to make mistakes allows you to reach as close to perfection as you can. We normally try to push these mistakes away, or sometimes consider ourselves failures, or even get fired over them. The profession I've chosen, writing, doesn't punish these mistakes--but allows you flourish because of them. I think that's something other professions could learn, if they could slow for a second. Mistakes allow growth, allow us to see the correct path.

Mistakes allow us to become perfect.

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  1. This makes me feel so much better! I just deleted about 5,000 words yesterday and felt like a complete failure. (I may actually be one, as I'm only on my first book.) I like the title, btw.