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Being a writer, I read constantly. I read and listen to books more than anyone I know, and this adds up over the year. So far, I've pretty much read traditionally published authors, but am interested in getting into some self-published authors. So, I'm going to start reviewing all the books I finish, both traditionally and self-published. If you want a review, here are the rules:

1) I'm extremely brash. If I hate your book, I'm going to say it and in no uncertain terms. I'm a nice guy in person, but I hate having my time wasted--and if that's what your book does, I'm going to let everyone know about it. If you think there is a chance that I might not like your book, don't ask for a review. On the other side of the coin, I'll gush if your book deserves it.

After some more thought, I feel I should spell this out a bit more: if I don't think I'm going to enjoy your book, I'll politely decline as it would be an injustice to the author to review something that I know is going to leave a bad taste in my mouth. However, if I think I could enjoy it, and I buy, it and I don't like it--I'm going to review the book honestly. This is the risk inherent in making art, sometimes it sucks, and sometimes it doesn't--it's your job to make it not suck.

2) These are the books I prefer: horror, psychological thrillers, science fiction, dystopian fiction.

3) You can entertain me with other things, and I might say yes, or I might not. Who knows?

4) If your book is $5 or less, I'll purchase it for the review. If it's more than $5 you're going to have to give me a coupon to make it less than $5 or give me the book for free.

5) I don't review physical copies. I'm over it.

6) I'll email you when the review is up. I work 70 hour weeks every week, and I don't plan out when I finish books. I probably finish 100 pages a week, if that's any indication.

7) Well, I thought I could respond to everyone, but after about 10 minutes of agreeing to do this I had like 100 emails. So that's going to be an impossibility. This is what I'm going to do. Every email I get about book review requests will go into a folder, and when I'm in need of a book, I'm going to search it and I'll send out no emails until I find that one yes and can leave the folder. Make sense? 

8) I'll post to Amazon, Goodreads, Nook and anywhere else you request.

9) I review novels, novellas, and collections of short stories.

5 Stars: You're on par with Stephen King and George RR Martin.
4 Stars: REALLY good book. Everyone should read it.
3 Stars: I finished it, was okay. Your mileage might vary.
2 Stars: Wasted my time. I didn't want to finish it, but I trucked on for a big relief that I finally finished it and could move on.
1 Star: This book should have stayed in the author's head at all costs. 

If all of that sounds good, shoot me an email at DavidBeersAuthor AT gmail dot com

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