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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Getting Lost

Put in about three hours since the last post.

Thought through a marketing plan then scrapped most of it. Researched covers, pricing strategies, distributors, formatters. Trust me, it's about as boring as it sounds.

One of my friends, who is a straight fucking bitch, stopped me in the middle of my spouting off the beautiful knowledge that I always do to say: blah blah, writing, book, blah, angry comment.  

Yeah, she's a bitch.

But, I think she was right too. I got lost today reading other people's bullshit. That's what it was, just their thoughts on publishing and being a writer and oh, how hard it is. Pretty much destroyed my brain; I thought about cutting off my hands so that I could never type out another story.

This game is simple:
1) Love the craft and write something worth reading
2) Make it visually appealing to the reader
3) Get as many people as possible to pay for it.

That's what I have to focus on. Whatever you're doing, business, music, law--that's what you have to focus on too.

Don't let anyone pull you off that track; getting lost is easy to do.

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