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Monday, June 25, 2012

Alcohol, Saving and Destroying Mankind

It's not that I don't fully understand the consequences of my actions before I do them, I just don't really care most of the time. Ehh, that's not it either. I care, just not as much as I care about getting drunk and having a good time on the weekends. 

Normally this limits my productivity to 6 days per week, as if I'm drinking, it's one night a week. This past weekend though, one night apparently wasn't enough for me. Apparently I needed two, and then two days of doing absolutely nothing besides watching the entire 8th season of The Office, and then restarting it from Season 1 (by the way, the show is like practically two different shows at this point. Only the names of the characters are the same.) So, all of that is to say since last Friday I've put in about three hours to the goal. I know, I'm a fail. Worry about yourself, joker.

Seriously though, I know most people my age surely drink once a week--unless you're some kind of religious freak or health freak or anything else that doesn't fit in with my notion of all rational souls drinking once a week. I wonder if it bothers anyone else, the basic stopping of productivity the next day. It bothers me, a lot, actually. That's the major thing that stops me from drinking more, knowing that the next day I will do nothing. I don't care as much about the feeling horrible, I can deal with that--it's just feeling horrible always leads to doing NOTHING. 

On a happier note, my novel is currently at 64k words. That's roughly 250-260 pages. I think I have another 10k left, which should put me at a solid 300. Then last edits and tying up stuff. If I stop drinking the entire weekend I should be able to have this thing out in the fall, latest by December.

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