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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Beginning

I've been reading about The Ten Thousand Hour Rule for years. I've been writing for years, maybe not in the deliberate practice style of The Ten Thousand Hour Rule, but hell, I enjoyed it. One of my classmates told me about an MBA graduate who read Gladwell's book, quit his job, and started golfing. My first thought was that guy is incredibly dumb, followed by he has balls so big it must be tough to sit down. That was like six months ago, last week, a synapse in my brain fired and I thought about looking the guy up. I have no idea if he had an MBA, or if that was just something my idiot friend was making up, but I do know he's doing it. He doesn't have a picture of his balls up on the website, but I imagine they're humongous. Elephantitus type shit. So this is my attempt at the same thing, only a different avenue. I love writing--telling stories and just getting my thoughts out. So I'm going to do it, put ten thousand hours of deliberate practice in while updating this the entire time. Today, I put in 2 hours. 9,998 hours left.

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