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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Withdrawing Consent

I have two passions in life. Writing fiction and politics. While this is predominately a blog on writing, sometimes I'm not going to be able to keep politics from getting involved.

This is going to be one of those posts.

The Supreme Court's ruling today fundamentally changed my view of democracy. I think that I had a naive hope we would see some curb of the growing power of our government. That maybe, just maybe, 9 people in robes would and a document 200 years old would draw a line against what 'elected' officials can and cannot do.

I found out that it wasn't so. Nine people who are intricately connected with the two other branches they are supposed to limit cannot effectively do that job. Government, no matter what kind or where, cannot help but to grow larger. Today we saw that. It is as fundamental Newton's Laws of Physics; there is no escaping it. A lot of people are asking what to do? Mainly people that consider themselves conservatives or libertarians. They're thinking voting for Romney and every other Republican candidate will fix this problem--will allow us to roll back the law. 

I won't harp on the fact that the other alternative to Obama actually instituted the law Obamacare  was modeled after. Or that the Republicans came up with the individual mandate law in the 90's, with the extremely conservative think tank, The Heritage Foundation.

What's the point in the roll back? The highest court in the land has stated that, through taxation, the government can force commerce. There's no going back from that, no overturning. It's only a matter of time until another 'fundamental right' must be improved on by the government. There is no shrinking government, not with a democracy, or a republic. It will only expand.

So what to do?

I'm withdrawing my consent. I will no longer vote. I will no longer support any branch of the government or any entity of the government. I am no longer consenting to this system, and if it continues above me, it is only as an illegitimate abomination that has no right over me. I will pay taxes, but the bare minimum possible to avoid having my liberty taken. If you don't withdraw consent, if you continue thinking your vote counts or something will change--you're only perpetuating this system that, as the past two hundred years show us, will only continue to violate property rights in increasing numbers. I do not care who either party puts up there; I realize all are working for the same underlying premise--to increase their own power and to do that they must violate property rights of others. Those that continue voting, continue supporting this doomed process and are hoping for a different result, are naive and only reinforcing the idea that these government politicians have any power over you.

Withdraw your consent.

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